Visitor Tracking Systems

Our goal at School Gate Guardian is simple: Help keep schools and students safe from sex offenders and other unwanted visitors through the use of an easy to use, high-tech security and visitor management system. The majority of schools in our nation are still relying on outdated methods of signing in and tracking visitors. Too many times, sex offenders or other unwanted visitors are allowed easy access to schools and students. Secure entry ways and video surveillance are all great pieces of a security puzzle, but without proper visitor screening software you may be allowing potential threats into your schools on a daily basis. The School Gate Guardian Visitor Management System is the missing piece to your security puzzle. School Gate Guardian — the complete visitor management and security system for our nation’s public and private schools.

View Product LobbyGuard Solutions, LLC is the firm behind the LobbyGuard® line of visitor management and front office automation systems. Corporate offices are located in Raleigh, North Carolina. The company is a recognized leader in the visitor management industry. Founded in 2005, LobbyGuard was one of the first companies to introduce products in the visitor management sector and was the first to offer a self-service sign-in kiosk. Today LobbyGuard handles over 300,000 visitor sign-ins each week at school, corporate, government, medical and 25+ additional vertical markets all over the world. The LobbyGuard product line has been the subject of numerous local and national media stories as an important and well-received part of corporate, government and public education security initiatives.

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