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About US

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Advanced Machine and System Technologies, Inc. (AMASTI) provides the whole HOST TO POST workflow solutions. With over 40 years experience in the workflow solutions industry, our knowledgeable team of document delivery professionals is committed to assisting our clients in:

  • Determining best-fit technology solutions for in-house workflow solution requirements
  • Optimizing copy/reprographics department staff training and support to assure efficient utilization of document delivery and post process workflow solutions as well as software investments to fulfill your company’s unique business requirements
  • Securing readily available, prompt, professional LOCAL on-site service dispatch and response to maximize up-time
  • Providing alternative mail-processing support opportunities when appropriate to eliminate or reduce the impact of system repair downtime
  • Providing best-cost supply solutions for a broad range of business office systems
  • Implementing an easy-to-use, money-saving, prompt and professional LOCAL supply-ordering process

Our continuing growth is from:

  • Earning every client’s trust
  • Staff dedication to performance excellence
  • Ongoing product, service and supply innovation and development
  • Judicious investment in staff, technology, and manufacturer relationships that support enhancement of our offerings
  • A collective passion for exceeding client expectations

Advanced Machine and System Technologies, Inc.’s mission is to be the preferred provider of Complete HOST TO POST Workflow Solutions for our customers. AMASTI strives to develop and expand client relationships by exceeding expectations with easy accessibility, effective communication, product and service innovation, timely project development and execution, and exceptional ongoing customer support.