pitney bowes SmarT lockers

Want a smart, assured asset delivery and retrieval?

How do you mitigate unsuccessful, misplaced and unaccountable deliveries? Or, important documents, packages and sensitive materials that may be lost in the mailrooms? 

Pitney Bowes has a simple answer to these problems. pbSmartLocker™ is an automated electronic locker system that securely stores packages for easy retrieval. The solution tracks and makes it more convenient for you to accept or release packages or important assets. 

    Solution benefits

    • -Convenient 24/7, 365-day access to packages
    • -Automates “last mile” of delivery to intended recipients which saves time and labour
    • -Ensures strict chain-of-custody with an email or SMS to intended recipients upon package delivery
    • -Monitors package release and retrieval for clear auditing and reporting


    pbSmartLockerTM intelligent lockers are extremely flexible, with a variety of sizes and configurations to suit you
    and your customers. They easily handle large parcels, small packages, satchels, letters and other goods. Suitable
    for internal or external environments pbSmartLockerTM comes in different dimensions and colours to meet your
    specific needs.

    Flexible Door Designs

    Lockers are available in a variety of different paint finishes including anti-graffiti whereby marker pen and spray
    paint simply wipes-off the unit. Additional highly weather resistant paint finishes are optionally available.

    Pitney Bowes On the go™ Package Pickup 

    When packages and overnights arrive at your
    company, you need to ensure timely delivery and
    chain of custody—serving a more agile workforce
    with fewer staff resources.

    That’s why more organizations are now turning
    to Pitney Bowes On the go™ Package Pickup. This
    advanced, self-service package delivery system relies
    on secure technologies to increase convenience,
    confidence and cost-efficiency at every step.


    Just scan an item and secure it in a
    single-use locker. A notification is
    automatically sent to the recipient.


    Once a letter, parcel or overnight is
    secured, it can only be retrieved by its
    intended recipient.


    Make it easy for those who travel to pick
    up mail and packages at their convenience.


    Extend service hours without adding
    staff, and eliminate the hassles of package
    management, tracking and delivery.