P2000 ProClick Closer

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Modular design brings added value to your binding operations. Using ProClick® spines, the ProClick® Pronto™ P2000 is designed to complement the robust, high-capacity GBC® punches already in place at many corporate and commercial printing operations. ProClick® Pronto™ adds the functionality of automatic binding with professional ProClick® binding spines. With the simple press of a button the ProClick® Pronto™ dramatically improves workflow and productivity while producing great-looking documents. ProClick® is the gold standard in document binding. Features include: pre-loaded 20 spine cassettes to eliminate the need for loading individual binding spines, modular design to meet tight deadlines, small footprint, simple one button operation, intuitive LCD interface provides easy-to-follow instructions, document sizer ensures the correct spine selection and maintenancee-free operation.