ProClick® ProntoTM P3000 Automatic Punch and Binding Machine

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The ProClick® ProntoTM P3000 system offers integrated punching capability and automatic binding of the ProClick® spine. Easy-to-use and highly versatile, the P3000 provides professional, high-speed binding capabilities to a multitude of shared environments: corporate departments, educational and training settings, executive offices, and administrative groups. And, with a footprint similar to a laser printer, the P3000 can sit almost anywhere. This maintenance-free binding system is easy-to-operate and requires no training. The intuitive LCD interface provides instructions as you bind. The machine is equipped with a document sizer to indicate the correct spine size, while the alignment guide ensures precise punch hole location. The P3000 system is automated for high-volume production, with a six-second cycle that binds up to 450 books per hour. Pre-loaded 20 spine cassettes eliminate the need for loading individual binding spines.